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About Us

Frog4solutions was established in 2005 and operates from and based in Cape Town, South Africa. With over 25 years of experience in IT hardware and software, we are dedicated to providing ethical, honest and professional IT services. The team has developed technical proficiency primarily through on-site collaboration with various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. The company focuses on preventative maintenance and achieving a “first-time fix.” Our professional IT services prioritises Integrity and Confidentiality in all client engagements. Fully reliant on “God” for solutions.



Our Services

  • ·       Onsite IT Assessments
  • ·       Upgrades of Laptops & Desktops
  • ·       Wired & Wireless Solutions
  • ·       Office 365 Support & Implementation
  • ·       Domain Hosting
  • ·       Remote Desktop Support
  • ·       Laptop & Desktop Support
  • ·       Hardware & Software Sales
  • ·       Maintenance Contracts 







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